Alison Levine

Canadian BC4 boccia Paralympian. Loving life doing what I do best.

2017 America's Championships (Colombia)

Day 1:

Today was a good day!

In the morning I had my third and final classification (yahoo!!!!) and after the official on court observation I will receive my permanent BC4 status!

Then in the afternoon Equipment check went off without a hitch for me, all my balls passed no problem as expected  

Then we trained. It's extremely hot in this outdoor arena so it's definitely  going to be a challenge but I'm feeling very optimistic about this tournament. 

Tomorrow starts the pair competition with my teammate Marco  

Go Canada Go!

Day 2: 

Well, not going to lie, today was pretty terrible. Although we advance to the semi finals having won 2/3 of our games, Marco and I did not play to our potential. Honestly, we sucked. Tomorrow is a a new day and we plan on bringing our A game. 

Day 3:

Well, it's not the colour medal we were hoping for but a medal is a medal  we have achieved our goal of finishing on the podium, thus securing our spot to the world championships in England in 2018. We really aren't playing our best but the conditions here are pretty treacherous. Anyways, no time to rest, individual play starts tomorrow  

Day 4:

Gonna make this short, I'm exhausted and have a 9am game tomorrow. I kicked butt today! Had control of big games right from the start. 8-1 and 5-0 wins. 2 more preliminary round games tomorrow. Goodnight!

Day 5:

Two more wins today makes me the winner of my pool! Very proud to have gone undefeated. Early quarter final game tomorrow against a Brazilian then hopefully onto the semi finals and finals. Man am I going to sleep when I get home  

Day 6:

Eliminated in the quarter finals after a well played game to finish 5th. Too tired to type more. Thanks everyone for their support

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