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At Wake-Ups, we're in the alertness business. Every day we introduce people to their better, sharper selves.
Whether you're looking for a professional-grade ergogenic or a zero-calorie caffeine alternative, Wake-Ups ensure you'll scale your mountain — whatever it may be — with focus, endurance, and enhanced cognitive and motor performance.
Quality is everything to us. Made in Canada in a GMP-licensed facility, Wake-Ups are third-party tested, which ensures the quality and safety competitive athletes and everyday heroes expect.
We are Wake-Ups. We are the champions of alertness, the slayers of sloth. And we have a Rooster.

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 For over 15 years CAN Fund has been helping great talent become world class and has supported hundreds of athletes who have proudly represented Canada. CAN Fund is a leading catalyst in giving our athletes what they need to succeed on the world stage.

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The world’s best wheelchair bags. 

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